Token Utility

Using Soulbond tokens

$REBEL Token

Being a governance token, the $REBEL provides its holder with voting rights on certain decisions related to the Soulbond project.

The token can also be used in the staking process to earn rewards to incentivize all project stakeholders.

The $REBEL has certain applications to the Soulbond in-game economy, including to purchase selected in-game items, as well as to craft, infuse and upgrade selected in-game items.

In some transactions, such as infusion and upgrading, tokens used will be burnt.

For other transactions, such as purchases, the tokens used will go into the Treasury. ​

$MBOND Token

Being the in-game currency, $MBOND will be used to purchase in-game consumables (i.e.: potions) as well as payment for in-game services (i.e.: crafting, in-game travel).

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