Gameplay Aspects

Things that make an unforgettable game

Soulbond is a third-person perspective game where the player’s character avatar can be seen in the centre of the screen.

Combat mechanics involve combinations of action and loadout strategies.

Character power growth revolves around collection of items and improving skills. There are NO character levels in Soulbond.

Phase 1 of the game will feature session-based dungeons focused on Musou (hack & slash) action, while Phase 2 will feature an open free-roaming world with more types of social interactions and in-game activities.

Cooperative play is encouraged in the game, especially in combat and other tasks.

Player characters will possess a variety of traits, skills, classes, while monsters will have different classes and elements, each with varying degrees of power.

Tougher monsters are designated as Bosses, and pose a significant challenge to players.

Elements feature prominently in the game, and the five major elements have their own unique nations, skills, items and wearables.

Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages and provides an added layer of depth to gameplay.

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