The Rebel Journey Begins

Q1 2022

In-game micro storyline development Game design and development Launch of Soulbond Sale of Ren Empire NFTs Brand partnership announcements

Q2 2022

Release of Soulbond Tokenomics Ren Empire NFT Staking $REBEL Token Staking $REBEL Public Sales War Pet Airdrop for Ren Citizen NFTs

Q3 2022

Sneak Peak for Pre-Alpha gameplay Sale of Fyra Federation NFTs War Pet Airdrops for Fyra Citizen NFTs

Q4 2022

Release of Beta Dungeon Game mode Launch of Soulbond Marketplace

2023 & Beyond

Sale of Primo Dominion NFTs Sale of Soulbond Lands Launch of Soulbond Metaverse Launch of PvP Mode Launch of Team vs Team Mode Launch of Tournament Mode Launch of Season Pass

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