The Five Nations

Locked in constant struggle, who will finally emerge victorious?

Original Nations

Ren Empire

Inspired by the many grand and ancient civilizations in Asia, the Ren Empire has a highly organized social hierarchy, with a deep culture steeped in traditions.

There is relative peace and order throughout the Empire, as the inhabitants are governed by a myriad of rules set in the empire’s Codex of Law.

Fyra Federation

The undisputed technological power in all of Liniste, the Fyra Federation incorporates many aspects of Western civilization.

Their drive for progress and technology has resulted in a Warrior Code that is ingrained in all aspects of Federation daily life.

Primo Dominion

The Primo Dominion is a vast landlocked continent, blessed by nature’s bounty, but cursed to fall victim to greed.

It is a place where beasts roam alongside people, and strength is measured not by brute power, but by one’s understanding and control of nature.

Expansion Pack

Gelum Nation

The spirit of Vikings gave life to the idea of the Gelum Nation, a loose confederation of tribes that dominate the icy tundra of Liniste’s cold regions.

Masters of survival, they have thrived where others have perished, carving out a civilization that has become the envy of the rest of five nations.

Mare Hegemony

Born of outcasts and misfits, the Mare Hegemony was born from those who sought freedom in the wide stormy seas of Liniste.

Highly individualistic yet savagely practical, the Mare still live by the laws of rituals and customs, taking whatever they wish from whoever they want as they sail the oceans.

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